The Lodge

A refuge for silence and connection with the pulsating nature and country life. With a privileged location, 27km from the town and very close to the main turistic attractives of the region, Canto do Bambu embraces the clear water of Olaria River and a farm, so you can enjoy special activities at the lodge itself.

There are 15 apartments with air conditioning, minibar, bathroom and balcony with chairs and hammocks enable you to enjoy country life’s tranquility.
It is the ideal place for interacting with farm animals and bush visitors, such as seriema, macaw, curicaca, anteater, deer, toucan…

The lodge has a forest reserve that allows horse riding and hiking on its trails. Within a few meters, you can enjoy the crystal water of Olaria River that runs inside the property and has 4 decks for swimming, apart from kayaks that invite you for a row in the river backwater. It also has a zip line and several nooks – ideal for meditation, silence and rest.

Your pet is welcome to come with you, but it is on your care all the time! Please talk to us in advance and be prepare for not leaving him the room alone at any time.
Canto do Bambu lodge has an exclusive vegetarian kitchen (ovolacovegetarian)* which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner*, with many delicatessens made right here with fruits from our trees, veggies from our garden and milk from our cows, like cheese varieties, iogurt, breads, cakes, jam, sweets and other treats from the farm.

* The vegetarian food count with honney, egg, milk and its derivatives.
* The main dishes are vegan!
* Lunch must be booked in advance and it is not included on the daily rate.

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  • Olaria River (decks, kayak, zip line)
  • Swimming pool
  • Sauna
  • Large balcony
  • Hammock kiosk
  • Playground
  • Snail garden
  • Parking
  • Bar
  • Wifi
  • Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Board games
  • Multipurpose hall
  • TV room
  • Ar conditioning and minibar

Ecological Hick Tourism

The singing cock sing along with the seriema, the arancua salutes the sweet moo of the cow, on the pasture dream the mares with birds on back and flies away the elegant white heron, right after the chute. That is how the day begins: the farm in communion with nature. A black coffee and fresh bread with homemade cheese, mulberry jam from the garden and seriguela juice. It’s time for horseriding! Coming back, a fresh and crystalline bath for, afterwards, lying down on the soft and warm rock for a nice lizard like-sunbath. Eating near the wood burning stove, throwing your body on a hammonck and getting lost on time while sky changes colors and the sun goes down. On evening, a symphony of frogs and crickets get in a perfect line with fireflies dancing. Master owl is always there. I see a shooting star and life lights up.

Canto do Bambu Lodge is surrounded by nature. Its inhabitants – wild animals of the region – circulate around the lodge’s dependences. Visits of seriemas, toucan and macaws are common on breakfast.

The trails surrounding our head office may be wandered by horse and by feet, reserving surprises for the visitor, such as the presence of anteaters, deers, monkeys, wild pig and several birds of Cerrado. Morning milking, horse riding and Olaria River are, as well, guaranteed fun. Zip line, kaiaks and a refreshing bath are some of the activities you may enjoy by the river.

The Logde has special quiet places for meditation, with the possibility of group reservations, retreats and events. What else? The taste of the field is on the table! Milk, cheese, bread, jam and candies are made in here with ingredients produced right here.

All of this very close of some main attractions of Bonito:

  • 14 km from Fazenda Rio do Peixe (trails, waterfalls, bath and restaurant)
  • 11 km from Nascente Azul (diving, trail and restaurant)
  • 16 km from Estância Mimosa (trail, waterfalls, horseback riding and restaurant)
  • 11 km from Ceita Corê (diving, trail, waterfalls and restaurant)
  • 34 km from Boca da Onça (abseiling, waterfalls, walking, bike trail and restaurant)

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